Loyiso Stulo / South Africa
There can be a trib of white people a trib of black people but the best trib is for artists.
6 comments - 16.05.08 - 13:05:38  (+)
31.12.04 - 14:02:25  (+)
yah broer.
xoliswa - stuloxo()yahoo.com
09.11.05 - 12:05:32  (+)
you had a good time away from home
loyi - gutar.l()teenmail.co.za
28.11.05 - 12:13:49  (+)
ı am lettla an ingilizce
my from is turkey hello
good by
serdar tulo - stulo1()hotmail.com
14.05.07 - 08:08:41  (+)
Hey there!

Well I was here as per your instructions, anyway you are very cute indeed and I wouldn't mind giving you a chance to know me better. Anyway Loyiso, enough said, listen jo, I will see you when you decide to see me (anytime that is).

Take good care of yours...

Till next time!!!
Zanele - zanele()bssa.co.za
21.06.07 - 15:54:18  (+)
i saw u my lov.
cynthia - sharonnel09()yahoo.com
16.05.08 - 13:05:38  (+)
Hi there Loyi its your Mother Fez in Cape Town.I saw you on the net keep on going my son God Bless. Dont forget that God is waching you, say hi to all at home my work no is 082 658 3594.
Fezeka Mfengwana - info()khoisanpictures.com
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