Kiran Verma / India
I came here and I enjoyed every moment.
Specially I was happy to meet Lutz, you are so nice and interesting.
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19.08.04 - 10:50:10  (+)
how are you,
kiran - kiran()
19.08.04 - 11:23:04  (+)
Hi Kiran,
I am fine, thank you.
Did you changed your email adress? I thought, it was something on the yahoo server.
Lutz :)
Lutz - lu001()
28.08.04 - 10:08:22  (+)
dear lutz & illa,
how are you. Iam fine. do you know but I dont know who are you. lutz I miss you.when are you coming to us. you remember my last talk,I miss you but you dont miss dont remember.Iam very happy from look the your mail.I got wind of this like me. I talk you again. Iam serias but you dont serias ok.

ok bye lutz.

your best friend
kiran verma.
lutz - lutz ()nolink .de
29.08.04 - 16:45:08  (+)
I am very serious and you know it -> see my picture on this web site ;)
I am fine too but I have the same problem as you: I don\'t know who I am, too. Sometimes I am very serious, sometimes not. But today I am! I think. Perhaps. Yes..... or?
The weather here in Germany is not so nice this summer, only rain rain rain and it is cold now: 21 degrees Celsius. I think it is fall, not summer. So perhaps I should be prepared to say "Happy New Year " tomorrow? Or should I wait till the weather changed to snow? Than, I think, I will be on the safe side. Short days with sun, long days with rain.
How is your life in Delhi, are you the same Kiran, that went to the Play-Mas-Festival? Is something different in Delhi, when you came back? Ella and I are thinking, that Play-Mas was something, that changed a little bit our view of life.
Don't say, I do not miss you, the cybermohalla-sticker "What is it that flows between us?" is on my monitor and I see it every day.

Lutz :)
(and greetings form Ella)
Lutz - lu1001()
17.06.05 - 08:02:08  (+)
lutz & ella.
how are you. iam fine here. i know you will be fine. lutz you remember my last talk iam very sirious and you fanny man, iam pray to god for you...that you stay happy always. plz............ you send mail me ok...... can you remember my grup and me? how is your life in jurmany? what are you doing in jurmany? lutz I miss you very much. i dont know that u miss me? .....

Iam waiting your ans.....
your best frien kiran.
ok bye.. stay happy always

keep smile.............
kiran - kiran
17.06.05 - 09:47:01  (+)
Hi Kiran,
I am fine (as you wished :-)

I am verrrry serious in telling you now: I remember you very well and you are in my heart and there you will stay all day.

My life in Germany is full of work, but that's not bad cause the weather is bad: rain in June :-( The summer had come for 3 weeks and is gone (i hope, not for 3 months) but Ella and I will fly to the USA for 7 weeks to hike in the deserts of Utah (and there will be not so much water - except the flash floods, waaaaah) and visiting a friend of Ella in San Francisco/Ca.

How is your life in India? I hope you are fine and you and your friends are well.

With the very best wishes,
your (I hope)
second best friend,
Lutz - lu1001()
01.09.05 - 17:09:56  (+)
i just thought and explore my name and found about u. it was nice to c wat u do

bye kiran verma(me)
kiran - kiranverma_143()
01.10.05 - 08:24:53  (+)
Hi Kiran,
Kiran this side.I want to know about you.What you do?Whats your hobbies?Whats your likes n dislikes etc.I am 21 years young boy and I am looking for the peoples similar to my name and thats why i am contacting you.I live in Delhi(India).Making good friends is my hobby.Try to be in touch if you can.

Bye for now

Hopefully your future friend Kiran Verma.

Take care
Kiran Verma - kiran_verma_123()
14.10.05 - 09:54:53  (+)
Friend kehse ho
socha ki jab yanha tak search kar li he to ek chhota sa mail bhi kar du aap ko

A 4 apple, B 4 bada apple,
C 4 chhota apple, D 4 dusra apple,
E 4 ek aur apple, F 4 fokat ka apple, G 4 fokat ka apple, H 4 ho gaya na pet kharab

sorry friend
From deepak
DEEPAK - deepak_kohli()
01.03.06 - 09:20:26  (+)
kiran very nice photo & tum bhilkul simple girl ho mujhe tum achhi lagi kiran ek baat tao batao kya tum 2004 mai germany gayi thi tum nai mujhe baataya nahe . Mujhe khusi sai kee tum Germany gayi . ok good bye & see you next time agen ok .
Hopefully your future friend Ratan.

he (i am Ratan )from Bhopal - palak_762002()
06.03.06 - 13:32:23  (+)
hiiii kkkkkkiran jiiiii
well this is "sanju sharma"
sanju - lovlysanju()
10.03.06 - 15:20:21  (+)
sanju - lovlysanju()
07.11.06 - 17:08:14  (+)
Hai am comfused in ur photo,

His liye aap mera I.D. ko aap send kari yhoo............

ok Gud night

may intazar kartha rahoonga

Please send ur photo only Ur

ok Bay.........
Naveen madakari - Naveen madakari
16.12.06 - 09:02:27  (+)
hi how are you
bimal - bimal_sony2007()
21.12.06 - 08:54:33  (+)
Miss U.................
Sharid - sharid()
15.04.07 - 17:35:22  (+)
Hi Do reply if you read this message....

I am Kiran Verma just saw your name on google search....
Kiran Verma - kiranverma2()
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