Pamberi Steel Orchestra / Trinidad
Pamberi was founded in 1980. The band has developed a solid reputation for experimentation in music. At the Steelband Music Festival Pamberi performed the works of composers such as Igor Stravinsky and Carl Orff. Pamberi has performed for audiences in Europe, Japan, North America and the Caribbean. The band was instrumental in developing first-time orchestras in Europe (France), Japan and Miami. Pamberi has emphasized the involvement of youth in the band and has developed a vibrant youth programme that encompasses schools in the San Juan area.
Eight players will perform on eighteen drums cut to different lengths: Calypsoes (composed by Mighty Sparrow, Lord Kitchener, Merchant, Shadow), Reggae (Bob Marley), Jazz (Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Chick Korea, Pat Metheny), Blues (Horace Silver, Taj Mahal, Spyrogyra), Contemporary (Brian Villafana, Pamberi's musical Director, Classical.
Classics in Steel (2001)
Contemporary Moods from Pamberi Steel Orchestra (2001)
Steelband in Jazz (2000)
Sweet Christmas (1999)
Carnival Madness (1999)
Pamberi in Paris (1992)
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