Shveta Sarda / India
In translation I am lost.
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10.12.04 - 21:26:00  (+)
dont be lost be friends with me
mitesh kalyani - mhksmk()
14.12.07 - 10:37:41  (+)


I hope u will be fine.
why are u lost.

we allways with you.........

urs ,
nisha koushal/chandelia.
nisha - monu19852004u()
16.02.10 - 07:41:26  (+)
Well there are many people in this world who are lost but the point is no matter even if you are lost never ever loose yourself and trust me you will find the way. Becoz. the way you are thats the way its maant to be therefore tell everyone to sit on it and you enjoy and laugh no mater who says thinks what. Just the way i do, just a friendly avice may be tough to forget and walk carefree but thats what will make you happy coz. then u do things that u want to n not other want.

Jobin John - jobinjohn247()
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