Young International performer's Festival
Perform! Revolt against the system! Forget the roles assigned to you! Conquer the rulers' spaces and give them a new definition!
PLAY MAS! This is the motto under which the hosts KUNSTWERK e.V. and »HAJUSOM! Theater mit jugendlichen Flüchtlingen« in co-operation with Kampnagel have invited groups whose protagonists, due to their background, are excluded from "advanced civilisation's" performing spaces: young people who are living on the edge of society for various reasons -through HIV, the isolation in the slums or belonging to an ethnic minority.
A mutual factor among all of the groups is that they are being coached by professional artists, and through their work, they have found an individual artistic language at the point of intersection between art, politics, education and therapy. In addition to the international guest performances the programme includes an accompanying symposium and a mutual workshop in which all of the participants will create a production, in the style of the Trinidad carnival, which it will present to the Hamburg audience.
PLAY MAS brings artists together, who have developed an individual language in their respective context, beyond social and technological elite; in whose life design a world without borders exists, in which the basic human desire for art and communication is taken seriously.
PLAY MAS: Young artists from Buenos Aires (Crear vale la pena), Johannesburg (M.U.K.A.Project), Neu Delhi (Cybermohalla), Trinidad (u.a. Pamberi Steel Orchestra, Earl Lovelace) and Hamburg (HAJUSOM! Theater mit jugendlichen Flüchtlingen) will present themselves.
* PLAY MAS PLAY MAS is an old term in the tradition of the Trinidad carnival that virtually meant Perform! Revolt against the system! to the slaves